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Frequency Archive: Natalia Kills “Mirrors”

It sounds like a story we’ve heard before – avant garde name, wild accessories, aversion to pants, the new female pop phenomenon from Cherrytree Records. But while British-born Natalia Kills may be Lady Gaga‘s successor at the alternative pop label, Kills’ remarkable single “Mirrors” indicates that she is an entirely new and different talent.

“Mirrors” was released on Aug. 10, 2010, as the first official single for her upcoming album Perfectionist. Kills paints a vision of darkly delicious domination and release, over wildly infectious synthesizers and a beat worthy of any dance club in the world. We could still be in the land of Gaga, if not for the vocals. Kills’ voice is light years from Gaga’s massive, smoke-edged sound, shining in its flexibility and sweet, pure tones, rather than sheer power. Tossing out the verses in a loose, sassy drawl, her voice sails effortlessly into the rafters on the chorus, delivering some truly exquisite high notes.

Of course, the question remained – could she actually hit those notes in performance? Kills dispelled all such doubts with her stripped-down December session in The Cherrytree House, where she sang “Mirrors” live and acoustic, accompanied only by Cherrytree president Martin Kierszenbaum on piano. Check out the rising star’s ethereal, noirish rendition here.

Natalia Kills joined Kelis and Swedish popstar Robyn on tour last fall, and is continuing on tour with Robyn through February and March. Kills’ debut album, Perfectionist, hits stores on Mar. 25, 2011.



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