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Frequency Archive: Tokio Hotel play long-awaited first show in Tokyo

December 15, 2010 was a day of legend come to life for Tokio Hotel fans worldwide. The international rock quartet out of Germany finally fulfilled a landmark goal – to perform in their namesake city. Before a few hundred ecstatic fans and the Japanese media, Tokio Hotel played a ten-song showcase in state-of-the-art live house Akasaka Blitz. Frequency International traveled from Berlin to Tokyo to see the long-awaited concert.

The band members’ arrival at Narita Airport was met with jubilant throngs of fans bearing signs and gifts. Their triumphant entrance into the futuristic metropolis continued with a Dec. 13 press conference at the German embassy, to honor 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Germany. Frequency was in attendance at the press conference, and watched as ambassador Volker Stanzel welcomed Deutschland’s hottest rockstars to Tokyo.

Frontman Bill Kaulitz beamed an overwhelmed smile as Japanese fans screamed their adoration. “Konnichiwa,” Kaulitz grinned. “We still can’t really even believe what’s happening here. We thought out, searched out this name [Tokio Hotel] because we thought, that’s a kind of goal which we can set ourselves, which we’ll probably never reach, and which will always bring us to go further and into different countries.” **

From now on, Tokio Hotel will need a new unreachable goal to drive their efforts. The band completed a whirlwind media schedule, meeting journalists and radio hosts across Tokyo. The blitz through the city reached a triumphant conclusion onstage, where the band delivered a stripped-down concentration of their Humanoid City setlist. Massive stage structures were absent, but the band’s raw, radiant power and the enthusiasm of the fans were turned to full force.

According to guitarist Tom Kaulitz, the band now plan to retreat into the studio, but will return to Japan for promotion in 2011. Meanwhile, the band recently released worldwide best-of compilations of their work in English and German. A special Japanese release of songs from prior albums Scream and Humanoid, titled Darkside of the Sun, is set to hit stores in Japan on Feb. 2.

For an in-depth account of the journey, including meeting the band at the German embassy in Tokyo and a full concert breakdown, check out my reviews from the embassy and the showcase over at the Midnight Monsoon blog.

** Translated from original German.



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