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Leyan release Dancing Sculptures

Nomad Musik caught up with Berlin-based piano rockers Leyan recently at their live appearance on KenFM Radio Fritz. Since we last spoke to them, the band have finished their new album, Dancing Sculptures. The album drops on June 24, but we scored a copy for early review.

Reminiscent of their earlier EPs, and containing a few remastered tracks of their classic material, Leyan forge a compelling emotive landscape with Dancing Sculptures, while taking the polished professionalism of their sound to new levels. The band has been compared to piano rock touchstones like Coldplay and The Fray, but Leyan bring a solid backbone of pure rock energy to the genre, with an explosive backing of drums and bass, and guitar riffs trembling on the edge of the wild and uncontainable. To this, vocalist Christoph Ecke adds a sublime, ethereal voice and complex English lyrics, leading the listener on a massive, melancholic journey.

Songs like “Heal The Knives,” “Stab Me In The Back” and “Not Fall Apart” are tinged with uncertainty and betrayal, but the message ever-present throughout tracks like “Promises” holds for the whole album: our world is full of an unbearable beauty, an unbreakable hope. To live is to seek. Addressing the album art on-air, Ecke reiterated this theme – in these simple sculptures and shapes lives the unity of the entire universe, and the human search for meaning.

Dancing Sculptures is available worldwide for pre-order on iTunes.



One thought on “Leyan release Dancing Sculptures

  1. This is awesome! I’m definitely going to get the album 🙂

    Posted by The Satin Bird (and make-believe meanderings) | September 13, 2012, 2:08 am

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