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Frequency Archive: Herrenmagazin find hope in turbulent times

Walking into the Berlin offices of Motor Entertainment, I gingerly shut the door behind me and turned to face an immense loft of glowing hardwood floors, busy people, and music. The songs of Herrenmagazin pumped from the label’s speakers, but the band themselves were nowhere to be seen. The label liaison collected me and directed … Continue reading

Frequency Archive: Leyan’s future “filled with promise”

Photo credit: Gala Tuzlukovic 16 Dec. 2010 “I’m glad to see, my heart beats like this,” sang Leyan frontman Christoph Ecke, twisted over the mic in transports of musical bliss. Frequency International visited Leyan’s Oct. 22 concert at Rosi’s in Berlin, and met the up-and-coming band recently for an interview on hopes and dreams, their … Continue reading


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